The 2010 FOC Annual Karting event took place last weekend at the indoor karting centre in Northampton and Ben claimed his first trophy of the year to rack up 3 wins in 4 years at the event.

With an unchanged team in the last four years Ben and fellow Anglia FOC racers returned to the Northampton circuit to claim back the title which they had narrowly missed out on in 2009.

Having claimed both 2007 & 2008 titles by some margin the event organisers had chosen to issue a 4 lap handicap to the eastern region for the 2009 race and reverse the direction around the track to make it harder to overtake. This did not worry the reigning champions who were in the lead with a few laps to go - unfortunately a puncture forced then into the pits and they had to settle for 3rd place just 16 secs off the winners.

With the playing field levelled out again for 2010 Anglia showed their intent with some quick times in qualifying giving them pole position for the 4th year in a row. The next few teams were closer than before though and it was apparent the competition had improved considerably.

With team captain Roy starting Anglia had pulled out a one lap lead byt the time Ben took to the kart as third driver and was quickly making further headway. After a longer than planned 25 minute stint (due to a relatively clear track ahead) Ben handed the kart to Fred with a two and a half lap lead at the one hour mark.

The raced then settled down with this gap staying the same for much of the middle sector. Unfortunately some rather too aggressive moves by Nick & Fred lead to 10 second penalties in the pits and by the time Ben took to the track for the final 15 minutes the gap was just one lap.

Some swift overtaking manoevres and quick laps enabled Ben to fend of the attack from behind and pull out a larger gap by the end, taking the chequered flag alomost two laps ahead.

"It was a great race," said Ben, "the other teams had really stepped up the pace from previous years and we had to work really hard for the win. The organisers were not very generous with the blue flags in the first half of the race which meant pulling out a large gap was not possibe."

Ben is now looking at options on track for the rest of the 2010 seasons and hopes to be able to continue his winning ways in the GT field.


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