With a torrid year to date for Ben on the race track he swapped tyres for trainers yesterday (28 September) and took to the pathways of Ickworth House (Suffolk) for the Cancer Research UK 10K race.

Joining around 1000 other local runners in the glorious autumn sunshine Ben was hoping for a time of around 44minutes and a top 100 placing as the run started at 11am.

"I have not trained for the event in particular due to my other committments but am hoping my general level of fitness will be enough to get me round in a respectable time." said Ben before the event.

Working his way to the front to at the start so as to avoid any hold ups from slower runners Ben set off in a lead group of around 20 runners over the first 3 kilometres. As they reached the half way point Ben had managed to break away in a group of 4 fighting over 2nd spot (the leader had managed to pull a 1 minute advantage by this stage).

"At the 5km mark I was pleased to be so far ahead and running at a pace that would be around 42minutes at the finish. The guys around me were all pushing hard too and we worked well at keeping the pace going."

The hill at 5km however was longer than Ben had expected (over 1km) and he dropped about 200 behind the other 3 in the group. However, a good rhythm over the next 3 kilometres meant he was back in the hunt for 2nd with 1km to go.

The final surprise being that the last kilometre was another steady hill and despite hanging onto his three closest rivals Ben came home in 5th place overall in a time of 42minutes & 30seconds.

"I am more than happy with that result as I managed to beat my personal best time by over a minute despite not having done much running in the last few months." said a cheerful Ben afterwards. "The hills were the only bit I found hard to maintain my pace but even those were not too much of a struggle. Next year I will know the route and train specifically for it a little harder so that I can maybe challenge for the win.

"Obviously the competitiveness is there with me but the real reason for running was to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. My wife did the Walk the Walk Marathon around London for the cause in May and raised a fantastic amount of money so she decided I should do similar and entered me for the 10k a few months ago. I am pleased to have raised just over £1000 so far although am hoping a few more donations will still come in."

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